We're all familiar with the acronym NIMBY -- the...


December 08, 1992

BY NOW, we're all familiar with the acronym NIMBY -- the "Not in My Back Yard" sentiment shared by a growing number of citizens.

Members of this not-so-exclusive group seem to be everywhere these days, objecting to anything going into their neighborhood that might destroy the ambience -- and even more to the point, the property value -- of an area.

Prisons are definitely a no-no to this group, as are landfills, massive residential developments, incinerators, houses for retarded citizens, convenience stores, homes for abused spouses and even in some cases -- as illustrated recently in Hunt Valley -- churches.

But these folks are turning out to be the moderates in this 1990s movement. They are meek compared with the BANANAs, those citizens who ardently believe in the maxim, "Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anything." That's pretty sweeping.

Yet there are others who go a step beyond that extreme, if that's possible. This is the NOPE crowd -- "Not on Planet Earth."

That's a worthy goal, but what about the real-life problems confronting society's leaders? They won't just disappear. Unless, of course, we can somehow convert Mars into a universal waste dump and home for any and all undesirables. Then again, that might be taking elitism a step too far.

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