Rt. 140 stoplight not needed, SHA says Meadow Branch, Royer roads eyed CENTRAL -- Union Mills * Westminster * Sandymount * Finksburg

December 08, 1992|By Donna E. Boller | Donna E. Boller,Staff Writer

State Highway Administration officials braved the cold yesterday evening to watch westbound Route 140 traffic approach the intersection of Meadow Branch and Royer roads.

But they saw nothing to alter their conclusion that the intersection does not need the traffic light proposed by Westminster Mayor W. Benjamin Brown.

The intersection, where Meadow Branch Road meets Route 140 on the north and Royer Road meets Route 140 on the south, is now marked by a flashing light.

Delay in traffic movement through the intersection "is relatively light," said Gene R. Straub, SHA assistant district engineer for traffic. A stoplight would make delays longer, he said.

Mr. Straub said the intersection doesn't even come close to meeting SHA guidelines for a traffic signal.

For example, one standard is 70 vehicles an hour entering an intersection from side roads. The intersection of Route 140 and the two side roads generates only 50 entering vehicles at its peak hour, far fewer in off-peak hours, Mr. Straub said.

The SHA engineer said traffic accident records indicate that at the intersection this year, only one-angle accidents occur, where a car coming from the side road collides with a car on the main road.

Angle accidents are the type of accidents that could be alleviated by a traffic signal, Mr. Straub said. A signal will not help, for example, to reduce rear-end collisions.

State Sen. Larry E. Haines, R-Carroll, Baltimore, who lives on Meadow Branch Road, said he has had letters from other residents of the road complaining about the intersection.

"When you're slowing down to turn right on Meadow Branch Road [from Route 140], you want to be watching your rear-view mirror to see who's on your tailgate," Mr. Haines said.

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