Forton quits post on County CouncilELLICOTT CITY -- Hugh...


December 07, 1992|By From Staff Reports

ELLICOTT CITY — Forton quits post on County Council

ELLICOTT CITY -- Hugh James Forton has decided to quit serving a bickering County Council and work instead with bickering parents in the throes of divorce.

Leaving his $57,000-a-year job as executive secretary of the council will allow him to return to his first love as an advocate for children whose parents are divorcing. "Helping benefit children is what stirs me inside," says Mr. Forton, 52.

He will continue on the payroll through Feb. 5, 1993, but will leave before Christmas to spend time with his ailing 87-year-old father.

Before going to work as an assistant county solicitor in 1987, he took part in pilot child custody mediation programs involving the Baltimore City and Prince George's County Circuit Courts. He now hopes to work in a similar program to Howard County.

"Helping remind parents of their continuing lives as parents is one of the most personally satisfying things I have ever done," he says. "It's a good feeling."

Midnight Madness carries over for a day


ELLICOTT CITY -- Anyone hoping to avoid the crowds at Ellicott City's 15th annual Midnight Madness Friday night by shopping yesterday afternoon was in for a surprise.

The crowds were smaller -- they couldn't have been otherwise -- but the average wait for a parking place yesterday was 15 minutes or more. In many businesses, customers had to wait in lines to be served.

Things were so busy at Sheppard Art Gallery, for example, that a boxof unopened cookies and a punch ladle from Friday night's celebration still hadn't been put away. They were on a nearby card table.

"I'll get up and let somebody take my seat; I've been here for a while," said one customer feeling the press of people behind her.

When asked how business was going this weekend, harried owner Beverly Gregory waved at the crowd of people and shouted a quick, "It's evident!"

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