Metz, Shaffer make marks to spare


December 06, 1992|By DON VITEK

Bob Metz has been bowling tenpins since 1972 and never had an all-spare game until mid-November.

Metz threw his all-spare game on Nov. 11 in the Wednesday Night Late Men's League at Westminster Thunderhead.

And on the same night, at the same center, in the same league, Bill Shaffer filled every frame for an all-spare game.

Metz, who lives in Manchester, is an 183-average bowler with a high game of 265 and a high set of 657. He uses a 14-pound AMF Strikeline bowling ball that he has had since 1972.

Metz' all-spare game totaled 183, just seven pins short of the highest score possible with all spares. Shaffer's all-spare game was 186.

Dull night in Hampstead

Larry Dull, bowling for more than 20 years, had the surprise of his life Nov. 13 in the Friday Early League at Hampstead Bowling Center.

"I thought that I was going to have another night like I had in Thursday Trophy League the night before," Dull said.

"I'm president of the trophy league, but that didn't stop me from having a rotten night. I shot a 492 series, and that's a long way from my 183 average."

The reason that the Westminster resident thought that he was going to have another miserable night was the 169 first game that he threw in the Friday night league.

The next game was a pretty fair 206, and the last game was a beauty. Dull, using a 15-pound Blue Hammer bowling ball, fired a 289 game for a 664 set that broke the Hampstead Bowling Center record for a three-game series.

A quick tenpin study

Ron Blackowicz started bowling tenpins in the summer of 1991. Before that, the Manchester resident had bowled duckpins.

Probably the fact that his wife, Ginny, is the marketing director for Hampstead Bowling Center, had something to do with

Blackowicz taking up tenpins.

He's caught on to the game quickly. He's averaging 185, throwing a 16-pound Bobcat ball, and on Nov. 16 in the only league he participates in, the Monday Night Mixed, Blackowicz threw both his career high set and game.

He started with a 215, posted a 168 and then pounded the pins in the third game for a 267 game and a 650 series.

Getting back to form

Steve Knoedler is a Baltimore City native who has been living in Westminster for six years with his wife, Michele.

They bowl together in the Tuesday Mixed League at Westminster Thunderhead where Michele has a 108 duckpin average and Steve carries a 127.

"I used to bowl a lot with my dad," Knoedler said. "But I got away from it for a long time and just started bowling again about three years ago."

When Knoedler was bowling regularly, he posted a high game of 211 and a high series of 500. Now, with his average climbing into the 130s, he appears to be returning to his old form.

On Nov. 10, he had three strong games -- 158, 133 and 188 for a 479 series.

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