Southwest adult league suits Searcy, 15


December 06, 1992|By DON VITEK

Diane Searcy will turn 16 next week. That means she still qualifies for the National Duckpin Youth Association leagues, but you won't find her there.

When her grandfather, Roland Jenkins, died in November 1991, members of the Thursday Sociables league at Fair Lanes Southwest asked the youngster to fill his spot.

One of those members, Doris Roy, said: "Diane bowls like an adult, not a kid. She was only 14 at the time of her grandfather's death, but I knew that she could hold her own with the adults in the league."

Searcy has proved Roy right. The Brooklyn Park resident, a junior at North County High, started bowling when she was 3.

"My mom [Mary] taught me to bowl," Searcy said. "Now I have a higher average than her and my dad." Tom Searcy carries a 118 average and Mary's averaging 115.

"I like bowling in an adult league," Diane said. "The kids fool around a lot, and I like to concentrate on my game. I seem to bowl better with the adults."

Searcy's averaging 123 in the Thursday Sociables, the only league she bowls in, and last month, she pounded out games of 173, 142 and 127 for her career high series of 442.

300 game No. 18

Joe Hock Jr., the San Antonio native who lives in Glen Burnie, says he's not bowling up to his potential.

"I've been extremely busy at work," Hock said. "There hasn't been enough time for practice, and I've had to pass up some PBA regional tournaments. But I always bowl pretty good at the Showboat in Atlantic City, and I'm going to try to make that tournament this month."

Hock has a 814 series for his career high set and is averaging 215 in several leagues.

Last month, he threw his third 300 game in past few months at Greenway Bowl Odenton. It was the 18th of his career.

Lucking out

Susan Burke of Severn, who averages 125 in the Thursday Sociables duckpin league at Fair Lanes Southwest, had what she called a lucky night.

On Nov. 19, she started her league series with a 207, shot a 163 and added a 140 for 510 series. The 207 and the 510 are career highs.

E9 "I just concentrated on hitting my spot," Burke said.

A very good morning

Dawn Thompson bowls in two leagues at Greenway Glen Burnie on the same day, the morning Hits and Misses and the evening Pin and Ball Wizards.

In the morning league, on Nov. 18, the Glen Burnie resident posted her career high game and set. Thompson, holding a 109 average, threw two average games: a first game of 110 and a last game of 109.

That middle game was outstanding. Four strikes in a row, some spares and a 10th frame with another spare and a strike count added up to a 206 game and a 422 series.

Tournament news

Riviera Bowl will play host to the Coors Light Chesapeake Handicap Mixed Doubles Tournament on Dec. 12 and 13. This duckpin event will have a guaranteed first-place prize of $1,000. You should make reservations to bowl now because this one is going to fill up quickly. Information: (410) 255-3550.

Greenway Bowl Odenton will play host to the Youth Invitational tenpin tournament on Dec. 13. The youngest will bowl in the morning, the older youngsters in the afternoon. Information: (410) 551-7100.

The National Amateur Bowlers Inc. will be at Fair Lanes Ritchie on Dec. 12 and 13. First prize is a guaranteed $1,000. Information: (410) 761-3800.

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