But seriously, Sauter puts up big score at Normandy Lanes After spare in 1st, he strikes for 290


December 06, 1992|By DON VITEK

Billy Sauter's philosophy of bowling is pretty simple.

"I can't take it real seriously," he said. "I bowl for fun. I like to compete, but I like to compete against myself, against the pins."

It's possible that on Nov. 19 in the Thursday night Misfits league at Brunswick Normandy that Sauter was taking the game just a little more seriously than normal.

The Ellicott City resident knows his way around the Normandy tenpin center. For 11 years he was employed there as a mechanic and pin chaser. Now employed at the Ellicott City post office, he bowls a single league at the center.

Sauter carries an average of 170-plus and is the owner of a career high series of 712.

He had a pretty fair game in the Misfits.

"I opened with a spare in the first frame, then I crossed the head pin twice and got strikes with the Brooklyn hits, I just plain dropped the ball [at the foul line] on both shots," he said.

Those were the last of the bad balls that Sauter threw that night. After the opening spare, he finished with a 290 game.

"I'm sorry now that I didn't throw another ball after the game was over just to see if I could get 12 in a row," he said.

Never too old to compete

Roy Heck retired from Westinghouse 15 1/2 years ago.

Today, at over 80 years of age, Heck has made only one concession to age. Last year he dropped the weight of his tenpin ball to 15 pounds.

Heck, who started bowling in the 1930s, is averaging over 170. When he was a bit younger, he threw a career high series of 712 and a 280 game.

In Week 7 in the Club 55 league at Brunswick Normandy, Heck tied with Eileen Kazer for Bowler of the Week with total pin fall that was 50 pins over average.

Club 55 bowlers of the week

For week eight of the Club 55 League at Brunswick Normandy, Sarah Cook and Ruth Johnson tied for the Bowler of the Week honors when they were both 65 pins over average.

Cook, who lives in Sykesville, is averaging 120 in the Club 55 league and owns a 191 career high game.

Johnson, 74, travels twice a week from Baltimore City to bowl in the Club 55 leagues at Brunswick Columbia and Normandy.

Throwing a 10-pound tenpin ball, Johnson averages 118 at Normandy and 121 at Columbia and has a career high of 203.

Big Rookie League scores

The Rookies League of Brunswick Normandy has produced some fine scores:

* Betty Ellis threw a 200 game and 538 set.

* Reda Wiles posted a 200 game with a 568 series.

* Karen Sapp had a 201 game and a 504 set.

* Don Clark had a fine 223 game and a 526 series.

* Frank Bromecy put a 513 set on the board with the help of a game.

* Woody Wodmaska put together three games of 220, 258 and 189 for a 667 series.

New tournament in Columbia

Brunswick Columbia is introducing a new tournament. On the second Friday of the month starting Dec. 11, seniors can bowl in the Columbia Senior Challenge Tournament. Bowling begins at 11 a.m. followed by luncheon at 1 p.m. It's a handicap two-out-of-three format.

Information: (410) 995-6770.

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