Rosenthal off the markHaving just one newpaper in this...


December 06, 1992

Rosenthal off the mark

Having just one newpaper in this city is a disadvantage. I was disgusted by Ken Rosenthal's column on Eddie Murray (Nov. 25).

Eddie Murray's contributions to our community, as well as Baltimore baseball, are well documented. Hey, I don't even know you, Mr. Rosenthal, but I don't like your column one bit. Here is a Hall of Famer whom the media runs out of town because he won't speak to them. More than 400 home runs, no less than 84 RBI in 16 seasons, more RBI than any switch-hitter in history. Better than .400 career batting average with the bases loaded. And you, the media, question his off-season training habits, as well as saying he needs to wear glasses. So please, just the facts, Ken! Your opinion stinks!

James P. Hiltz


Rosenthal on the mark

Now that the Ken Rosenthal bashers have had their day (letters page, Nov. 29), I'd like to publicly thank Mr. Rosenthal for his very touching column about the Hulett family that appeared in the Thanksgiving Day edition of The Sun.

Over the past months, I have often wondered how in the world Tim and Linda Hulett and their three surviving children would handle their first holiday season after little Sam's death last summer.

I am truly grateful to you, Ken Rosenthal, for this update on a family I never knew but have felt so close to in their time of grief. I continue to mourn the child's death and continue to care deeply about his mother and father and three brothers -- especially at this time of year. It was a beautiful human-interest piece.

0 Please write about them again sometime soon.

Charlotte Anne Rice

Baltimore I am writing in response to the Orioles' recent signing of Rick Sutcliff and the late-summer signing of Cal Ripken. Why would the Orioles give a pitcher a $1 million raise for a 16-15 record? This makes no sense. Why pay someone for not doing the job?

Ripken is the same story. The Orioles can win without Cal, as they proved all season. When the Orioles finally decide to spend some money, they always spend it on players they don't need or some damaged goods from another team.

Remember Storm Davis and Glenn Davis? A total waste of money! I wish I could get that type of money in the real world for not doing the job!

0$ Is this a great country or what?

M. L. Josie

Perry Hall

Toughness found wanting

As a former student athlete, there is one thing that I learned that must be present in a winner -- mental toughness. I was fortunate to play under two legendary coaches in high school: Gene Parker for baseball and George Petrides for football.

The one thing I noticed was that they had the ability to recognize those players who lacked the psychological strength to be coached and to be a winner. In most cases, they would recognize this during tryouts, and those players would not make the team.

My point is that Morgan State's football team isn't 2-8 because it has a bad-mouthed and bad-tempered coach. Rather, it is the fact that the players are psychologically weak. If they can't take a little "verbal abuse" as they so melodramatically refer to it, then they should hardly be expected to perform on the field.

Jason Chaney


Racing toward the black

I thought since Gov. Schaefer has a tendency to show up at top-rated media events, he was surely going to pop up at Atlanta Motor Speedway Nov. 15.

Somehow they squeezed 165,000 people into the speedway to see the fastest-growing sport -- NASCAR racing. That's not all. They were there to witness Richard Petty's final race as a driver after 35 exciting years of racing and also to see the 1992 Winston Cup point championship to be decided at the same time.

I know that after all the red ink that's been used in Maryland recently, we could surely use some black as soon as a super speedway is built here.

Jimmy Hunt


No fan of Buren's

Thank you, Claire Rhoads, for expressing your disgust at John Buren. He is the worst sports reporter in Baltimore. I wish all channels had the class act of Scott Garceau and Keith Mills; they are first-rate. John, do you know anything about baseball, basketball, football or hockey?

John Kirkpatrick


They don't get it

In recent years the role of sports in American life has moved from being a mild diversion to a full-fledged national obsession. The recent letters criticizing John Buren of Channel 13 are

evidence of this trend.

Sports are meant to entertain, and in reporting, Mr. Buren certainly does entertain. His report is often the only light spot in an hour of bleak and depressing news. To all those who take such great exception to his frivolity: Lighten up!

Shannon R. Mitchell


Missing San Diego

Is the name of the local indoor soccer franchise the Baltimore Jolly Ranchers or the Baltimore Spirit? Best of luck to Kenny Cooper! He might finally win another brass ring, but it would have to have a giant asterisk next to it. Any intelligent soccer fan knows that any indoor championship runs through San Diego!

Russell Voight


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