Of Westminster, who organized a quilt...


December 06, 1992

BERTHA B. SHRINER of Westminster, who organized a quilt benefit for Ridge Residence, an expansion of Timber Ridge home for seniors that will open early next year. Ms. Shriner, a member of the Timber Ridge board of directors since 1976, decided to make the the quilt with scenes from Carroll County and raffle it to raise money for the home. More than 250 hours of work are represented in the counted cross-stitch sewing. Ms. Shriner did five of the squares herself, including a scene with the Carroll County seal. She spent 50 hours on one square alone, which depicts a dairy farm. She also coordinated the sale of raffle tickets. The quilt was raffled yesterday at the Yarn Basket in Westminster.

Organization's comments: "Bertha Shriner did the bulk of the work for this project," said Fran Rock, who is also on the Timber Ridge board. "The quilt is a collector's item, valued at more than $3,000, and we have made more than $7,000 as a direct result of her fund-raising efforts."

Volunteer's comments: "I knew we needed a fund raiser to equithe kitchen and dining room in our new building. Last March, I called members of seven churches who sponsor Timber Ridge and got volunteers to quilt 35 squares. With everyone's help, I had the quilt out of the frame and ready to show by August. The money we have made is not nearly enough for all we need, but it's a big help."

Background: Ms. Shriner, 67, retired from Carroll County GeneraHospital after working nearly 20 years in the admitting office. A lifelong Carroll County resident, she grew up on a farm in Keymar. She is also active in St. John Catholic Church and interested in its history. Two of her own quilted squares are pictures of the old church on Main Street in Westminster and the new building on Monroe Street.

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