Trial board backs suspending officer of K-9 unit

December 06, 1992

A police trial board has recommended that a 31-year-old Annapolis officer be suspended for 10 days without pay for failing to keep his K-9 dog on a leash and filing a false report.

Officer Keith L. Brown was also found guilty of unbecoming conduct by the three-member board Friday, but five other charges against him were dismissed. Police Chief Harold Robbins will review and act on the board's recommendation.

A complaint was filed against Officer Brown after he left his dog with a fellow officer while investigating a shooting Aug. 25, 1991, at one of the city's public housing projects. The officer watching the dog said he was worried that he would be bitten because the animal behaved wildly.

Capt. Norman Randall ordered Officer Brown to take part in additional K-9 police training after the trial board found him guilty in April of failing to follow proper procedures while on duty.

In September, he was suspended with pay for allegedly refusing to participate in the training, said Officer Dermott Hickey, a police spokesman.

The trial board dismissed several charges brought against Officer Brown for not participating in the training. But the board found he had made a false report claiming that he had signed up for the training.

Officer Brown, who is the first black member of the K-9 unit, has argued that the complaint was racially motivated. His supervisors insist that he was disciplined for not following proper procedures, not because he's black.

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