Dishes Aren't UnappetizingIn an editorial in the Anne...


December 06, 1992

Dishes Aren't Unappetizing

In an editorial in the Anne Arundel section of The Sun (Oct. 2), the use of a "300-Channel Satellite Umbrella System" was highly criticized.

As a proponent of satellite technology and a resident in a community with a homeowner's association with its own specific by-laws, I feel that the editorial writer misrepresented the facts at hand.

It is obvious that the person writing the article has never seen, used or owned a "300-Channel Umbrella," which he detests so much. He mentions that this umbrella "partly" hides the antenna which it completely covers. I've recently had the same system installed on my property and can say truthfully, without bias, that the antenna is "completely" hidden from view. My association fully approved in advance of my installation and is allowing future installations with this same type of umbrella system. . . . The majority of the newer developments do have guidelines to protect local cable companies by not allowing competition in the form of local antenna or satellite antennas. . . . With the monopoly prices that cable rams down consumers' throats, it's great to have alternatives which deliver better pictures, better service and much lower prices.

In closing, the satellite industry . . . has made tremendous strides on the aesthetic front. Twenty-foot antennas have been reduced to seven-foot. Solid antennas are now see-through mesh and the most important advancement is the screening materials similar to the umbrella system that have improved the aesthetic quality.

. . . It sure beats the cable monopoly. To the editorial writer for The Sun, get out of the dark ages.

Nick Lyons


Troubled Youth

I read with interest your Oct. 18 column regarding . . . warning signs in troubled youth. This is a subject that has been of great interest to me, and I have served for some years on the Planning Council of the Infant Study Center in Baltimore, which seeks to intervene in the cycle of an abusing parent who had been an abused child.

The center is a part of the Department of Psychiatry of the University of Maryland School of Medicine and seeks to identify psychological problems in infants. There is a downtown Baltimore clinic where diagnostic evaluations and group therapy are offered, and a therapeutic nursery program housed in a Head Start Center in the Pimlico section of Baltimore.

. . Anyone interested in learning more about the Infant Study Center should contact the Center Director, Dr. Taghi Modarressi, in Baltimore at 328-2485.

John R. Leopold


The writer is a former state delegate.

Hospice Help

I want to publicly thank all the marvelous people whose energy and support made Hospice Cup XI the most successful regatta ever. . . . Six hospices are recipients of funds raised in Hospice Cup XI: Hospice of the Chesapeake; Calvert Hospice; Hospice of Northern Virginia; Hospice of the Anne Arundel Medical Center; Montgomery Hospice, and Hospice of the Prince George's County.

Here at Hospice of the Chesapeake, the funds will help assure the availability of our hospice home care services to any terminally ill resident of Anne Arundel County who may need us. It will also help the growing number of children, adults and families county-wide who come to us for bereavement counseling and support . . .

Lars Egede-Nissen


The writer is president and CEO of Hospice of the Chesapeake.

Food Drive

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Severna Park Area Communities for once again supporting the Severna Park Assistance Network in its most recent food shortage. As always, when the community hears of a specific need, it immediately responds.

Most recently, volunteers from Our Lady of the Fields held a food drive for SPAN outside the Severna Park Safeway. We appreciate the efforts of the volunteers and the Safeway store for allowing the food drive to take place. The community at large

was extremely generous in its donations. . . .

Barbara Birkenheuer

Severna Park

The writer is director of the Severna Park Assistance Network.

Troupers Tribute

I am taking this time to commend the Moonlight Troupers presentation of "Of Thee I Sing" recently at the Anne Arundel Community College.

In spite of opinions rendered by a "critic" in your newspaper (Nov. 18), I found "Of Thee I Sing" to be an enjoyable light-hearted adventure. The Moonlight Troupers were enthusiastic, energetic and well cast in their respective roles. . . . Their acting and musical abilities are to be praised. I look forward to the next performance of the Troupers and wish them success in all of their future events.

Danny G. Boyd

Severna Park

AAMC Emergency

On Nov. 2, Anne Arundel Medical Center's emergency plan was put in effect. Sections of the downtown medical center lost power for a brief period of time, making it necessary to enact emergency procedures.

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