75 Years Ago* The world famous singer Mme. Ernestine...


December 06, 1992|By Robert M. Pennington of the Ann Arrundell County Historical Society.

75 Years Ago

* The world famous singer Mme. Ernestine Schumann-Heink is making a special trip to Anne Arundel County to perform a concert at Camp Meade as entertainment of the soldiers. She has stipulated that she should sing for the enlisted men. Now an American citizen, three of her own boys are serving in the Army. The Sun, Nov. 12, 1917.

* The farm women of Anne Arundel County met at the State House with 22 county clubs represented. The main speaker, Prof. Symon of the State College of Agriculture, said he was a dreamer. He had a dream that someday the farm wife would press a button at dusk and light would come from the ceiling or heat from side walls, when a telephone carried about by the farm wife would call her husband into lunch at noon. Anne Arundel County Kuethe Library files, Nov. 20, 1917.

* The Navy football team has been unable to secure an opponent who can come to Annapolis for a game on the 24th so the season is over. In eight games, Navy scored 442 points to its opponents' 17. The Sun, Nov. 22, 1917.

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