From the Sun Dec. 6-12, 1842Dec. 6: The Hon. Daniel...


December 06, 1992|By Fred Rasmussen

From the Sun Dec. 6-12, 1842

Dec. 6: The Hon. Daniel Webster has consented to deliver an oration on the 17th of June next, on the occasion of the completion of the Bunker Hill Monument.

Dec. 8: During the recent snow storm, numerous persons were (( fined for a violation of the ordinance requiring the pavements to be cleaned at a certain time, and, we understand, it is the firm purpose of the authorities to adhere strictly to the letter of the law. Look out for the next snow.

From The Sun Dec. 6-12, 1892

Dec. 9: The prophet of the single-tax doctrine, Mr. Henry George, of New York, had the pleasure of addressing last night an audience in the first and only single-tax town in the world. That town is Hyattsville, Prince Georges County, Md.

Dec. 10: The Mt. Washington Electric Light and Power Company has made a proposition to the county commissioners to light the streets, lanes and alleys of Towson, Lutherville and vicinity with incandescent electric lights of 30-candle power each for $25 a lamp yearly.

From The Sun Dec. 6-12, 1942

Dec. 9: The War Production Board order last week limiting commercial manufacture of ice cream during December and January to six percent of the October output may result in ice-creamless Wednesdays, said Nathan Lebovitz, manager of JTC the Hendler Creamery concern.

Dec. 10: The Court of Appeals today reversed action of the Superior Court of Baltimore which gave Negroes the right to use all four of Baltimore's municipal golf courses.

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