Va., Churchill Downs reps meet

December 05, 1992|By Ross Peddicord

Representatives of Churchill Downs and a group calle Virginia Racing Associates met in Richmond, Va., yesterday for about 2 1/2 hours to discuss the concept of forming a joint venture to build a racetrack in the Old Dominion.

"It was an interesting and encouraging meeting," said Bill Miller, a member of the VRA investment group. "We have analytical work to do. A lot of different scenarios were discussed."

Miller's group consists of Bill Camp, Elmon Gray, Carrie Camp, Russell Williams and John Ramoud is, all Virginians who actively campaigned to get racing in their state and now want to build a track.

Miller said Churchilll Downs executives Tom Meeker and Dick Cummings were at the meeting as well as Jeff Gregson, their Virginia lobbyist.

Miller was present in Washington on Wednesday when Laurel-Pimlico operator Joe De Francis outlined his plan for a joint Maryland-Virginia racing circuit.

Miller said he found the regional concept "interesting."

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