Memos5)To Maryland Blue Cross-Blue Shield:This is not a...

December 04, 1992|By Mike Bowler old sex tonight &



To Maryland Blue Cross-Blue Shield:

This is not a bill.

To Comcast Cablevision:

/# If you weren't charging so much

For the signal, maybe

Stealing it

Would be less tempting. i turned over in bed

looked at you

sprawled across the sheets

a drop of saliva sliding

from the corner of your mouth

that god awful noise exploding

from your nose


i heaved

realizing it was only tuesday

d.r. fair

Old Age So what?


If you stick around,

you will baby-sit for the moon


All it is is Love.

Terminal Illness

I am proud,

Even when it is time

To show my son

how one should die.

H. B. Johnson Jr.

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