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December 04, 1992

South Carroll honor roll

South Carroll High School has announced its honor roll for the first quarter of the 1992-1993 school year:

* Grade 9: Jenny Barton, Allison Cain, Jessica Etzler, Angela Gotschall, Christopher Gunning, Jennifer Hodgin, Jaime Hopkins, Kristin Koerner, Matthew Landgraf, Thomas Lewis, Stephanie Linton, Jaime Meetre, Mary Moody, Mindy Myers, Kelly Parks, Andrew Parlette, Joshua Patterson, Michelle Pickett, Daniel Richardson, Alison Smith, Jessica Snoots, Paige Sudbrook, Shanna Suddath, Carrie Tamburo, Parichart Thepvongs, Christopher Tuffer, Annie Werner, Erin White, Daniel Wroten.

* Grade 10: Jena Anderson, Susanne Bean, Dawn Bennett, Brooke Beveridge, Bonnie Borland, Aimee Buswell, Ann Marie Carter, Kelly Carter, David Clark, Amber Clutter, Julie Colodonato, Julie Cronise, Crystal Ecker, Scott Ensor, Erin Farver, Jeremy Frank, Gretchen Goodell, Jaime Moyer, Martin Oswiecimka, Kendra Pulis, Nicole Spencer, Farrah Stull, Andrea Vanier, Jeremy Wingate, Katherine Wotthlie.

* Grade 11: Monica Bianca, Molly Cage, Paul Callis, Tracie Didio, Holly Fitzgerald, Lisa Gehle, Michael Haight, Rachel Harrison, Julie Labare, Lisa Laverick, Andrew McWilliams, Michael Pekala, Amie Snyder, Sarah South, Raj Sureja, Heather Young.

* Grade 12: Drew Baldwin, Matthew Dietzel, Ronald Garrett, Julie Hart, Leslie Hitchins, Heather McKenzie, Lisa Pelter, Aaron Quidort, Christy Russ, Jeannette Schmitz, Johanna Thulin, Willemein Verdonk.


* Mount Airy: Mount Airy firefighters were called at 6:41 p.m. on Wednesday to assist Howard County firefighters with a barn fire on Route 94.

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