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December 04, 1992

Burglars hit businesses, say devil made them do it

Burglars who stole money and candy from two businesses in the 1500 block of Annapolis Road in Odenton Wednesday night blamed Satan for the crime spree, police said.

The burglars pried open a basement door at Century 21 and rummaged through all the drawers and broke into anything that was locked. They left a note that read, "I'm sorry times are hard. Saton [sic] is involved and we all need God and Jesus. I feel bad when I do this."

Business owner Nikki McCool said the message was written on the lid of a cardboard box.

"They also pried open two doors of a file cabinet," she said. "They absolutely destroyed everything. Anything that was locked they were interested in."

Burglars also hit the Geico Insurance office in the Moss Building above Century 21, where they took money and candy from a vending machine, police said, but left no notes.

Also overnight, burglars broke into Kay's Beauty Salon and Stay Dry Manufacturing, both in the 1500 block of Annapolis Road.

From Kay's, they stole money from a pay phone, while concrete was taken from Stay Dry, police spokeswoman Officer Terry Robey said.

Officer Robey said investigators believe the burglaries at the real estate office and insurance company were done by the same people, but the other two probably are not related.

Use of pay phones gets drug suspects arrested

County police charged two people with narcotics violations after receiving complaints that pay phones at gas stations were being used to make drug transactions.

Maurice Lorenzo Ross, 22, of the 5400 block of 67th Ave. in Riverdale, and Sherry Louise Johnson, 24, of the 8500 block of Pioneer Drive in Severn, were charged with possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine.

Investigators said undercover officers received complaints about people using the pay phones at gas stations at the intersection of Route 170 and Reece Road. Police arrested the pair Wednesday at 8:30 p.m. near the phones and seized 11 bags of crack, a semiautomatic handgun, and $525.

They also confiscated at 1985 Nissan 300ZX.

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