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December 03, 1992|By JUDY REILLY

Dan Shorb, an eighth-grader at Northwest Middle School, is looking for a little more sunshine.

Dan has constructed a solar cooker, and he's been waiting for enough sun to test its potential. He has been able to steam water in the device, but what he and classmates really want to do is bake a cake in it.

Dan says his home economics teacher, Kathy Barker, inspired him to build the cooker after she got the plans from a company in California. Miss Barker wanted her students to confront such problems as world hunger and think about possible solutions. So, with classmates Kelly Wardenfelt and Bryon Berrier, Dan spent many hours before and after school perfecting the cooker.

It's made of recyclable materials found in any kitchen -- a cardboard box, aluminum foil, plastic wrap and newspaper. And it works, even on overcast days.

Could Dan's project change the world? "It might be useful in the Third World," he says, "but used here, on a higher scale, we'd need more technology."

Dan also has some advice for those thinking about pursuing similar solar projects:

"Wait until summer!"


Don't forget about the Taneytown Community Chorus' Advent Concert at 3 p.m. Sunday at Grace United Church of Christ in Taneytown. The professional-level ensemble will perform an extensive collection of sacred numbers.

The event is free, refreshments will be served and child care will be provided.


You might want to extend your Sunday visit in Taneytown for a tour of the Antrim Inn on Trevanion Road. Passers-by who have admired the mansion may tour it and the outbuildings on the grounds from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Classical Christmas music and carols will create a holiday atmosphere, greens will be sold and Antrim's gift shop will be open. Carriage rides (sleigh rides if it snows) will add to the festivities.

The $5 admission will benefit Trinity Lutheran Church's discretionary fund.


Boy Scout Troop 582 is looking for boys age 11 and up to join the troop. The boys meet on Monday evenings at St. Luke's Church in New Windsor.

The scouts are working on individual development and community awareness through activities. What they really like to do is go on camping trips. So they're seeking equipment for such adventures.

If you know boys who would like to be a part of this organization, contact Scoutmaster Charles Smith at 635-6350, Rachel Graham at 635-2554 or Stewart Lentz at 857-1634.


For a special lunch Saturday, treat your family to a trip to the New Windsor Conference Center, where you can sample holiday foods from around the world as part of a celebration of Christmas, Hanukah, the African-American holiday, Kwanza, and Loykrathong, a Tibetan fete.

The event is free. Lunch costs $5.

Information: 635-8715 or 876-2263.

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