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December 03, 1992

Students' employers to visit them in school

Students participating in a program that gets them after-school jobs are being visited by their employers this morning at Meade Senior High's sixth annual Employee Visitation Day.

The jobs program shows the students' bosses around the school and the classroom, and helps foster a greater understanding between the students and the people they work for, said teacher Donna Passwaters.

"It lets the employer see where the student is coming from each morning and what kind of a school they go to," Ms. Passwaters said.

About 75 students participate in the program, which matches up teens and employers.

Many of the students work for the federal government, some at Fort Meade and the National Security Agency.

Others are set up in jobs at private companies.

During today's session, bosses will meet teachers, guidance counselors and members of the Board of Education.

Police identify shooting victim

County police have identified the man found shot on the side of a Laurel road early Tuesday morning as a resident of Prince George's County, but they still don't know how the shooting occurred.

Eric Darvell Williams, 20, of the 8000 block of 43rd Ave. in Hyattsville, was found lying on the side of Brock Bridge Road by a passing motorist.

He was flown to Prince George's Hospital Center, where he is being treated for a shoulder wound.

Repairs under way along Route 3

The State Highway Administration is making repairs on Route 3 at several Crofton intersections. The work may require some lane closures from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. between routes 175 and 450.

Valerie Burnette, a spokeswoman for the SHA, said the $110,000 project started earlier this week and is designed to remove "wheel ruts" and other blemishes from the intersections, where the road typically becomes worn due to frequent starts and stops by cars.

She said the repairs involve "milling," or creating small ridges that can prevent the wear and tear. The work should last into next week.


* Severn: A woman reported to police that someone broke into her home in the 300 block of Lokus Road Monday. It was not known exactly what was taken.

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