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December 03, 1992

Annapolis gets third ambulance to go with nine new 0) firefighters

After months of delays, a long-awaited third ambulance will be put in service in Annapolis today.

Firefighters with the Eastport Volunteer Fire Company raised about $115,000 to buy the vehicle.

Nine new firefighters were sworn in by Mayor Alfred A. Hopkins at the Eastport company earlier this week. Six are paramedics, allowing the city to staff a third ambulance.

Mr. Hopkins, who pledged to staff a third ambulance when he took office in 1989, included money to hire the paramedics in this year's operating budget. One of the nine new firefighters is black and four others are women, boosting the percentage of minorities in the 96-member department to about 18.

The percentage is still short of a goal pledged by the city in 1986 to more aggressively recruit and promote black firefighters.

In settling a discrimination suit brought by four black firefighters, the city promised to increase the percentage of blacks in the department to reflect more accurately the percentage of blacks living in Annapolis. About 32 percent of the city's residents are black.


* Cape St. Claire: Burglars stole jewelry from a home in the 1000 block of Lido Drive Monday night.

* Annapolis: A resident reported to police that someone broke into his home in the 1000 block of Chesapeake Harbor Drive on Monday and stole $1,400.

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