Council declines its raise

December 02, 1992|By Staff Report

The seven members of the Baltimore County Council have decided to forgo their automatic $1,900 pay increase again this year and leave the money in the county's general fund.

This is the the second straight year that the council members have declined a pay increase because of the tough fiscal times that have forced county workers to do without any general pay increase since Jan. 1, 1991, when a 4 percent increase took effect.

In fact, county workers actually took a 1.9 percent pay cut last year, because they were all furloughed for five days to save money.

The county is facing another $27.5 million reduction in state aid this year and, since more furloughs or even layoffs of county workers are still possible, the council members decided not to accept the money, said Council Chairman William A. Howard. Mr. Howard said the decision was unanimous.

The council members gave up an automatic $1,800 increase last year, leaving their pay at $30,900 each. The chairman receives $3,000 more.

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