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December 02, 1992

Sardegna should resign immediately

Perhaps I missed something or misunderstood the news stories about Blues President Carl J. Sardegna, who recently appeared before a congressional investigation that found widespread mismanagement.

A recent article stated that Mr. Sardegna ''was considering resigning as well but decided to remain and stick it out.'' The best thing this man could do for the benefit of our Blue Cross/Blue Shield is to resign and do so immediately.

There are plenty of competent people of executive caliber available in the work force today. This so-called non-profit health organization is being very poorly managed. The citizens of Maryland deserve better.

J. A. Klitenic


Save the children

As we await a new president, Bill Clinton, in the White House, let us hope to influence his efforts to work with health care for all people, especially the children who need good nutrition and immunization shots.

The World Summit for Children and other powerful global forces for good are centerpieces of U.S. foreign policy means for saving the children of the world.

E.A. Gregoire


Our castle, too

The United Nations, as defined in Webster's Collegiate Dictionary, is "an international organization growing out of the association of the nations allied against the Axis powers in World War II, and formed on the basis of a charter drafted and adopted at San Francisco, April 25 - June 26, 1945, by representatives of 50 nations binding them to maintain international peace and security and to achieve international co-operation in solving economic, social, cultural or humanitarian problems."

I feel that this definition alone should determine who will be responsible for financing the restoration of Windsor Castle.

The royalty of Great Britain is part of our global history, Windsor Castle being a landmark of that history. This is an international expense and should not be a financial burden solely of the citizens of Great Britain or of the royal family.

Judith Kaufman


Hickey heroes

Congratulations to Governor Schaefer, Secretary Saar, Deputy Secretary Newman and advocate Pat Hanges for having the courage of their convictions for the children of the Charles Hickey School.

They are turning around a difficult situation not only at Hickey but at all juvenile facilities in Maryland.

The children will be the winners. As a child advocate for the past 18 years and a graduate of the Greater Baltimore Committee's leadership class of 1992, I am grateful.

Patricia L. Krongard


Dinner with Bea

No question about it: Bea Gaddy is an "organizer." Our government, both local and otherwise, could well use her talents.

Imagine someone feeding 25,000 people who, when asked if she needed anything, says "No, I have everything." Remarkable.

Imagine 900 turkeys and the work entailed in preparing them for the table. There is a great deal more to serving turkey than cooking it. Imagine the additional food stuffs involved.

Bea, you should get a hug from a lot of people, including myself. We should be thankful that there are Bea Gaddys in our society.

!William H. Pearson Jr.

Butler The purpose of a health care reform bill is to improve the current state of health care. Rep. Benjamin L. Cardin introduced his Flexible Medical Access Plan in Congress last April. Yet if his bill becomes law it will have a negative impact on the health care system. The bill does not adequately provide for universal access nor does it allow for maintaining high quality health care.

The term "universal access" refers to health services being available to everyone at all times. To understand the inability of Mr. Cardin's bill to provide universal access one need only examine some of the specific weaknesses of the legislation.

For example, when someone enrolls in a new health plan, there is usually a six-month exclusion period during which they receive no benefits. But anyone with a pre-existing condition can develop life threatening complications at any time. Clearly these provisions of the bill would be disastrous.

Another weakness in the bill is its phased-in schedule for mandating employers to provide health insurance. Ultimately, it will be several years before small employers and businesses provide insurance. Since many of the poor, who need health coverage the most, are employed by small businesses, we will continue to see many individuals without health insurance. Moreover, due to the costs of deductibles and co-payments, many people who have insurance will lack sufficient funds to allow them to receive health care services.

The bill also says that individuals and firms have the option of purchasing with additional funds better insurance packages that beyond the basic requirements. Eventually this will lead to the development of a tiered health care system that clearly will not provide equal access for all.

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