Years ago, a Northwest Baltimore foot doctor we kno...


December 02, 1992

A FEW years ago, a Northwest Baltimore foot doctor we kno survived a massive heart attack only because he happened to be doing business in a hospital and was only a few steps from the operating room.

On a recent Tuesday, we saw the same thing happen at Greater Baltimore Medical Center.

A hospital visitor collapsed in the gift shop about 11 a.m. By 11:03, she was surrounded by doctors, nurses, residents and all manner of health-care personnel, many of whom came running at full tilt, having been summoned by GBMC's sophisticated beeper system.

No one had to call an ambulance. The stricken woman was simply placed on a gurney and rushed to the emergency ward for treatment.

The foot doctor is still very much alive.

So is the woman in the gift shop.

HTC Moral of the stories:

If you're going to have a serious medical crisis, be sure to have it in a hospital, where you don't even need to worry about calling 911.

* * *

A CANDIDATE for worst joke of 1992 lurks among the blackened ruins at Windsor Castle. And the route to it passes, maybe, through Carroll County.

The location of this centuries-old seat of English sovereigns is, technically, New Windsor.

No telling, now, what was the Romans' name for the site; the Anglo-Saxons knew it as Wyndeshour or Windlesore. When the Norman kings set about building a fortress near by, the town rising about it was (and still is) chartered as New Windsor.

While Maryland's New Windsor doesn't go back to the Middle Ages, its ancient glories do include New Windsor College. What made its fiscal roof cave in was the financial firestorm of the 1930s.

Wouldn't it be logical now for a college somewhere to establish a department of Venerable Monument Fire Prevention Studies; and for royalty, perhaps, to endow this Windsor chair?

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