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December 01, 1992|By MAUREEN RICE

I sometimes wonder why Thanksgiving happens before Christmas. I, for one, would be a lot more thankful if I could be thankful that all the shopping and worry were done.

I suppose it all goes back to the days when Thanksgiving was first celebrated. In those days, Christmas meant it was time to revel in the birth of the savior. There were no shopping malls, no toy commercials, no jewelry stores or cards.

I think sometimes I should take my cue from the early settlers. Does anyone know of a nice, large, sparsely settled continent?


Congratulations to all participants in the Cardinal Reading Program at Carrolltowne Elementary School.

"The program is off to a great start," said Leslie Krainak, chairman for the program. "Over 200 kids have read more than 25 days."

The Cardinal program (Cardinal stands for Care About Reading -- Do It Nightly And Learn) is in its second year. All it requires is that parents and children read aloud to each other each day, or at least 100 times between Oct. 1 and March 31. There are incentives for participation, awarded for 25, 50, 75 and 100 days of reading.

"It is important for parents to read aloud to children, even children who read," Ms. Krainak said. "Parents add expression, pronounce words correctly, can read text beyond the capability of the young reader, and allow the child to focus entirely on the meaning of the material rather than decoding it."

She adds that reading to each other is an enjoyable experience anyway, so this is a great way to mesh family time with a learning experience.

The children, too, can enjoy the feeling of reading to another person, with the very beneficial individual attention that each child needs.

"I think all the kids who did it last year are doing it again this year," said Ms. Krainak, "and a lot of new ones, too."

The Parent Teacher Association-sponsored program relies upon volunteers to organize and manage the paperwork, and local businesses to provide the awards for participation.


Breakfast with Santa! Your kids can visit Santa just about anywhere, but how about having a meal with the jolly elf?

On Dec. 12 from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m., Santa will be stuffing himself on pancakes, fruit, juice and coffee at the Holy Spirit Lutheran Church to the accompaniment of carols and joyful children's wishes.

Santa will have goodies for the kids, and a kind word for the adults. The cost is $2.50 for children under 10, $3.50 for adults.

Bring your camera, or for $1.25 you may purchase a picture of your child with -- possibly feeding -- Santa.

Call the church at 795-6333 for reservations. Call early, as this has been a very popular event for each of the past two years.

"This is a fund-raiser for our Early Learning Center," said Holly DeBenedictus, church member. "It's always a great time. Last year I had fun even while I was serving!"

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