Gunman who jumped bail sentenced to 6-year jail term

December 01, 1992

A 46-year-old Ecuadorean, who spent more than a year in a Spanish prison after he was charged in a Shady Side shooting and then jumped bail, was sentenced to six years in prison yesterday.

Raul Eduardo Guevara, who lived in the 1100 block Oak Ave. in Shady Side, pleaded guilty to assault with intent to murder in the shooting of Thomas Dyer Hibble on Feb. 3, 1990.

Mr. Hibble was among a number of people who crashed a party at a house in the 1100 block of Bay View Ave. in Shadyside, according to court testimony.

After he was involved in a fight inside the house, Mr. Hibble was standing outside when he was approached by a man wielding a handgun and was shot once in the side. Witnesses later identified the assailant as Guevara, who was arrested and taken into custody.

While free on $25,000 bond, Guevara fled to Spain in August 1990.

He was picked up by Spanish authorities March 12, 1991, and spent the next 16 months in a Spanish prison before coming to the United States for trial.

Anne Arundel County Public Defender Alan R. Friedman asked for a five-year sentence, saying that while imprisoned in Spain, Guevara contracted tuberculosis and developed an eye infection that left him partially blind.

"He's been through . . . hell and he's recognized the wrong that he's done," Mr. Friedman said.

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