Increase in deer a big help to the needy


November 29, 1992|By LONNY WEAVER

Assorted bits to mull around while awaiting results from yesterday's opening day of deer season:

Isn't this idea of donating venison to the needy a great idea? Credit the deer population explosion for it -- who would have thought Maryland would have excessive whitetail numbers even 10 years ago?

Back then Anne Arundel hunters bagged 128, and the statewide count was 13,803. Last year, Anne Arundel shotgunners bagged 518. Give us a light snowfall or just cool, crisp weather and we could see a state record, topping 45,000 by the hunt's close on Dec. 12.

If you would like to donate one of your deer to the needy this year, the following are official Harvestshare meat processors in Anne Arundel County: Paul Braun Meat Cutters, 783 Harmony Ave., Arnold, (410) 647-2443; Holly Hill Harbour, 106 Bear Creek Parkway, Edgewater, (410) 798-5856; Hunters Haven, 219 Thelma Ave., Glen Burnie, (410) 760-4192.

Deer by the numbers

Last year, area bowhunters bagged 259 deer, of which 154 were bucks. Gunners bagged 173 bucks and 345 does; 99 whitetails were taken during the muzzleloader hunt-- 22 of them wore racks.

Thirty-five archers took a second deer last year, 60 gunners did the same thing, but only three muzzleloaders were able to pull a double.

According to the Department of Natural Resources, eight Anne Arundel hunters bagged four or more deer during the 1991-1992 combined seasons (36 hunters managed the feat in Washington County). Statewide, the DNR claims 77 percent of licensed deer hunters bagged a deer in 1991, 18 percent took two and 4 percent claimed three.

In Anne Arundel, 613 resident hunters claimed a deer last year, 22 of whom were landowners, while 168 hunters from other counties came here and carried home a deer during one of last year's three seasons.

Seventy-three hunters came to the county from other states and bagged deer. Two bucks and 62 does were culled in the county via crop-damage permits last year. Also last year, autos claimed 37 bucks and 20 does.

The average Anne Arundel buck bagged weighs 105 pounds and carries four points in its rack.

Lastly, last year 263 deer were harvested by hunters on Fort Meade lands during the three separate hunts.

Bird-feeding tips

It's time to begin thinking about helping area songbirds through the coming cold weather by putting up some feeders.

Black-oil sunflower seeds and millet are the best seeds to buy. Most wild birds prefer these. To attract chickadees, titmice and other small songbirds, put sunflower seeds in a feeder hung from a tree branch, house eave or other high place.

Many birds, including mourning doves, red-winged blackbirds and juncos, like to look for food on or near the ground. Combine the sunflower and millet with corn and peanut pieces in a platform feeder.

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