Hold the gossip, Ken . . .So Ken Rosenthal hates the...


November 29, 1992

Hold the gossip, Ken . . .

So Ken Rosenthal hates the Ripken family. How innovative! How enlightening! How boring!!!

I am a devout fan who craves baseball news, not gossip, malicious little stories that clearly indicate a sportswriter's inability to cope with the fact that the professionals have the talent (thus the term "professional") and he does not.

Wouldn't it have been more helpful had Mr. Rosenthal written a story on the draft? The only possible defense I can think of for him is that he was suffering from writer's block, and couldn't come up with a decent angle. If that is the case, I would be happy to lend my assistance regarding story ideas, as would, I am sure, many other disappointed readers.

When will you men learn that true sports fans are not interested in the frustrated ramblings of would-be athletes? Did the art of sports reporting die with Red Smith?

It would behoove Mr. Rosenthal and The Sun to invest in either intensive therapy or a happy journalism refresher course -- preferably both. Perhaps if you allowed women to report the sports news, we would get just that -- the news, not an underachiever's cry for help.

Betsy N. Merrill


. . . and the Murray shots, too

The Ken Rosenthal piece on Eddie Murray that appeared in your paper on Nov. 25 marked a new low in journalistic pettiness. Does The Sun have a vendetta of sorts that compels it to seek out Eddie Murray for the purpose of humiliation and ridicule?

Please count me as one Baltimorean who feels that Eddie Murray made a very positive contribution to his community.

I think you owe Mr. Murray a public apology and Mr. Rosenthal a public reprimand!

John H. Doud III


'Geek' needs one-way ticket

I can go along with Bruce Anoff's letter to the sports department of Nov. 8, as far as it goes. But I say thanks a million to Bruce and The Sun for the last paragraph featuring "The Geek of the Week" John (Elvis) Buren. Buren truly is a geek and can't carry Scott Garceau's, Keith Mills' and Gerry Sandusky's bags.

I would be happy to see a collection be taken up for a one-way ticket for Mr. Buren to go to Graceland for the rest of his TV career.

When John (Elvis) comes on, I just turn the sound down on my set.

Robert Freiert


Clawing after a name

When Baltimore gets a football team, it should be called the Baltimore Crustaceans, after our world-famous crabs.

The helmet could have giant claws on its sides and the eerie eyes of the crab could be on the front of the helmet. Our colors would be blue and gold after the blue crab and the steamed crab.

When our team becomes competitive, our new stadium will be known as the Crush Station. The Wheel could spell out C-R-U-S-H, and the fans would scream "Crustaceans" or "Crush Station." When our team is on defense, the fans would chant: "Crush, crush, crush, crush."

Pete Monaldi


Buren ain't nothin' but hound dog

Do I ever agree with Bruce Anoff regarding his letter about John Buren! John Buren should go to Graceland; maybe he needs to grow up! The sooner the better. In my house, we switch to another station as soon as he is due on.

Claire Rhoads


Parting Rosenthal shot

Regarding Ken Rosenthal's two days of putting down Orioles Randy Milligan and Bill Ripken, I feel these are things I'd expect to see in a New York paper, not Baltimore. No, I don't expect to see Bill Ripken or Randy Milligan in the Hall of Fame any time soon. But both players are the type who give everything they have, every game. I'm getting tired of our local writers doing this. What's the point? Anger them so they will want to leave? Maybe it's time to trade you! Say maybe to The Post for Tom Boswell. But let's face it, The Post would want too much. We would have to toss in the aquarium and most of Fells Point along with your typewriter.

Michael Henley


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