Name: Keisha Green, 15, of Glen BurnieAccomplishments...

Volunteer spotlight

November 29, 1992

Name: Keisha Green, 15, of Glen Burnie

Accomplishments: Keisha is in the ninth grade at Glen Burnie Senior High School. She plans to try for positions both as a cheerleader and on the track team this fall.

She is active in the Junior Volunteer Program of North Arundel Hospital, where she helps to keep up patient morale by sharing magazines and other items, and offering a friendly ear when needed.

Keisha represents the ninth grade on the Student Government Association, where her duties include reporting the concerns of fellow students to the SGA, and informing the students of the SGA's decisions. Her career ambition is to become an occupational therapist.

Keisha enjoys swimming and riding a bike. She loves all forms of music.

Comment: "It's very exciting at times, and a good experience, working hand in hand with the patients. I plan to be an occupational therapist, so it's a learning experience. People who want to be in a medical profession should volunteer for this kind of experience."

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