Add up calories as you consume them

November 29, 1992|By Steven Pratt | Steven Pratt,Chicago Tribune

Nowadays everyone from nutritionists to neighborhood grocers is telling us to watch our diets, but how can active people keep track of calories and fat when they eat and snack all day long?

That's why Nutritional Data Systems Inc. of Austin, Texas, developed Dietcoach, a pocket computer that records a running total of the nutrients in the foods you eat. With a couple of keystrokes you can check the amount of protein, carbohydrates or fat (including percentages) you've consumed during the day or for the past seven days. You also can use it to check the nutritional content of a food before you eat it.

To use it, you look up a food in the accompanying booklet, enter the reference number and select the serving size. If you want, you can check the nutritional breakdown or just enter the food into your daily log. The computer automatically totals each day and keeps a record of the preceding seven days. So if you pigged out on Thanksgiving, you can see how much you need to cut back during the rest of the week.

New on the market, Dietcoach is $89.90 by mail from Nutritional Data Systems, (800) 848-2200.

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