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November 29, 1992


Editor: We are so appreciative that you chose to present the tragic face of the AIDS epidemic so poignantly on the cover of the Sun Magazine ["Life Support," Sept. 20]. Anyone who has suffered the agonizing loss of a loved one to AIDS can testify to the pain it causes -- captured so graphically by Mark Bugnaski and Patrick McGuire. The Baltimore Sun's coverage was a vital contribution to our efforts to communicate the nature of this epidemic.

` Thank you so much.

Kathryn F. Hillman

Public relations director

Lifesongs for AIDS


Editor: The pictures of baby dolphins He and She smiling through the water in "By Leaps and Bounds" [Oct. 18] are about as captivating as human newborn infants smiling in a concentration camp. I wish the article had shown the grim reality of how dolphins are captured for aquariums nationwide and let the public decide for themselves as to whether aquariums are the learning centers they profess to be. . . .

Better the Aquarium should spend its . . . hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on cleaning up the oceans rather than making captives of its citizens.

Mary Beth Malooly



Editor: On Sunday, Nov. 1, I was flipping through the Sun Magazine and thought I'd enjoy the To Wit essay entitled "OK, Husbands, Help Out," by Dave Barry.

I was shocked when the second to the last paragraph lapsed into a disgusting display of ignorance and immaturity. This very degrading, stereotypical filth is the essence of what wives, and women in general, suffer through when they should be taken seriously and respected for what their minds and skills have contributed to this generation, the past and the future.

We're not objects of adornment to be used to reward men. . . . I'm insulted.

Natalie Lehman Lollar


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