Ellicott City: 3400 block of Hickory Drive: A...


November 26, 1992


* Ellicott City: 3400 block of Hickory Drive: A door was pried Monday night. Silver dollars, cash and a watch were stolen.

3500 block of Court House Drive: A woman's Ford Tempo was pelted with eggs as she drove near Ellicott Mills Drive the night of Nov. 20.

3400 block of Font Hill Drive: Someone burned a homeowner's newspaper overnight Saturday. The newspaper was on top of the mailbox, which had earlier been vandalized. Police took the plastic bag in which the newspaper was contained for fingerprinting.

10300 block of Brekshire Road: An unknown driver drove a car across a front yard, struck a tree and drove away sometime Sunday night.

8100 block of Main St.: A customer went into an unlocked rear door and stole a shopowner's wallet, credit cards and bank card as she helped another customer Tuesday afternoon.


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