West Columbia: 10500 block of Faulkner Ridge...


November 26, 1992


* West Columbia: 10500 block of Faulkner Ridge Circle: A 15-year-old boy was arrested Saturday night after he allegedly climbed to a second-story window and tried to break into a home. Police say he held a knife in his mouth as he tried to open the window, but he fell to the ground when the homeowner closed the window on his hand. The Columbia youth was charged with attempted breaking and entering.

8800 block Guilford Road: A Panasonic video camera worth $400 was stolen from the home economics room of Hammond High School on Nov. 19 or 20.

5600 block of Cedar Lane: Spray paint was found on Swansfield Elementary School between Nov. 20

and Nov. 22.

10400 block of Twin Rivers Road: An unknown person stole $20 in petty cash from an office desk at the Wilde Lake Interfaith Center on Nov. 22 or 23.


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