High-point standings for PHRF sailors are posted

CBYRA 1992

November 25, 1992|By NANCY NOYES

Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association high-point standings for PHRF sailors, by far the largest contingent of the Handicap Division, which also includes IMS, MORC and Multihull competitors, have been finalized.

Like other high-point standings, the PHRF scores represent an overview of each qualifying sailor's season of racing, with certain minimum requirements, such as the completion of at least five races and membership in CBYRA, PHRF of the Chesapeake and a CBYRA-member yacht club.

Like other divisional scoring systems, in PHRF the final score is determined by dividing the actual number of points earned for starting, finishing and beating other starters, by the number of points it would have been possible to earn had a competitor won every race he or she started, plus 30.

Bonus points for long-distance races, ranging from five for races of 20 to 49.9 miles, to 16 for races over 200 miles, but not exceeding a total of 30, also are included in the formula, and up to three races, one for every six completed, can be dropped as a worst-race throwout in the final calculation.

PHRF spinnaker-division sailors compete in four regions bay-wide, while nonspinnaker sailors compete in two regions, one north of the Potomac River and the other south of it.

Region I extends roughly from the Patapsco north and includes Delaware and part of New Jersey, Region II covers the area from Gibson Island to the Patapsco and the Chester River region on the Eastern Shore, and Region III includes the rest of Maryland, from Annapolis to the Potomac River, on both sides of the bay. Region IV is located on the Southern Bay in Virginia.

New this year was the division of PHRF A into two sections in Region III, because that class -- the largest in the largest region -- had grown radically under the new ratings splits.

Also for the first time, PHRF competitors designated a home region for scoring purposes at the start of the racing season -- making it possible for Hampton, Va., sailor Seward Lawlor to take second in PHRF A-1 for Region III, for example.

PHRF winners from all regions also compete against each other and other Handicap Division class winners for an overall best-in-division prize, the prestigious Labrot Trophy, using a similar formula to the high point ratio but discounting starting and finishing points, bonus points and throwouts.

This prize, along with trophies for top finishers in Regions II and III, will be announced at the awards presentation after the CBYRA annual general meeting Dec. 19 at the Annapolis Marriott Waterfront Hotel.

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