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November 24, 1992|By MAUREEN RICE

It's Thanksgiving, so now is the time to think long and hard, if you don't every day, on what you are thankful about.

I am thankful for each day that passes by, with all the blessings -- and all the "augina," which is Yiddish for aggravation -- that it contains. I am grateful most of all for my family, my husband and children that I love more and more with each breath I take.

But ask my daughter what she is thankful for. She brought home a card from her preschool which stated "I'm thankful for my family and trees."

I know where we rate.


Blaze Starr is back! Those of you who have been waiting to see her "Showgirl Creations" need to wait no longer. Ms. Starr has set up her wagon of jewelry in the Carrolltowne Mall and is waiting to see you, too.

"Some people come from other states every year," Ms. Starr said. "Even a blind person."

Ms. Starr, who went to school to learn how to make her unusual jewelry, said many people like to have her autograph on the box.

This year, she went west to prospect for the stones she uses in her creations, and the results of her efforts are very much in evidence, particularly in the nativity scenes and other dioramas which she places on carved and smoothed agate.

"Some people think the stones aren't real," she said, "because of the price. Actually, they're affordable because I cut and polish them, so there aren't a lot of middle men."

Don't miss the opportunity to see Ms. Starr's artwork, not only because of its special quality, but because you'll be depriving yourself of the opportunity to meet one of the sweetest and most interesting people you're likely to find in a lifetime.


The American Red Cross is holding a blood drive at the Sykesville-Freedom fire hall Monday from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. An hour of your life could save someone else's. What greater gift can you give?


Holy Spirit Lutheran Church isn't gearing up for holiday giving. The church is merely stepping up its year-long efforts in social ministry to reflect the mood of the season.

"If we only gave food and gift baskets and things at Christmas I'd be embarrassed," said Carol Deal, chairperson of the social ministry committee. "We make bag lunches for the homeless monthly, and we are continually assisting the efforts of groups like E.S.C.A.P.E.," which assists needy families.

There are so many people who need help, she adds, and so many people that realize she knows how to reach them, that she often suggests projects for other groups to complete when they come to her for advice.

"We're working with Liberty High School -- Karen Linthicum in the home economics department makes canvas bags that the students fill with hygiene items," Ms. Deal said. "We take them to "My Sister's Place" for distribution to the homeless. And Signet Bank is making Christmas goody stockings for children, which we help them distribute."

At Christmastime, Ms. Deal makes sure that there are plenty of Christmas cookies to delight the homeless of Baltimore.

"Bonita Main used to take all the goods into Baltimore for us before I took over," Ms. Deal said, "and one year I just sent along a bunch of Christmas cookies I had just made. One of the men was just flabbergasted, and he told her that of all the things he missed, homemade Christmas cookies topped the list."

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