Boog's biz booms taters take off, too


November 23, 1992|By JOHN EISENBERG

In yesterday's editions, the number of sandwiches that Boog Powell's barbecue stand at Oriole Park sold per game was reported incorrectly. The correct number is 2,000.

+ The Sun regrets the errors.

Fact: Turns out Boog sold almost 1,000 sandwiches a game at the ballpark.

Opinion: The Phillies should lower ticket prices based solely on the fact that they protected Juan Bell.

Fact: The closest a home run came to hitting the warehouse was Mickey Tettleton's on April 20, missing by 26 feet.


Opinion: Despite their injuries and losses, the Redskins will make the playoffs if they can stay ahead of the Giants.

Fact: Says Charles Barkley: "Only 30 percent of the teams in pro sports are committed to winning."

Opinion: Rick Sutcliffe's one-year deal shows there is some common sense in baseball's nutty economy.

Fact: Only in five ballparks were there more home runs hit than at Camden Yards last year.

Opinion: I'm leaning toward a non-RB/QB for my Heisman Trophy vote.

Fact: Dallas Mavs coach Richie Adubato on challenging the NBA record for fewest wins in a season (nine): "Sure I worry about whether we can get to 10."

Opinion: Any analysis of what's wrong with the Eagles should start with the absence of Pro Bowl selections Jerome Brown and Keith Jackson.

Fact: In depositions taken last December, Marge Schott said she keeps a swastika armband in a drawer at home.

Opinion: The NHL's expansion Tampa Bay Lightning, in first place earlier this week, would really be good if they had a man in goal.

Fact: Legendary meanie Rick Mahorn on Shaquille O'Neal: "If he got any meaner, there wouldn't be any league."

Opinion: Tom Gugliotta is way, way better than I ever thought he would be.

Fact: Michigan and Florida State are the only schools ranked in the top 10 in football and basketball.

Opinion: I'm one of those who has trouble giving an MVP award to a guy who played just 80 innings.

Fact: In the Phoenix Cardinals' media guide, a list of GM Larry Wilson's accomplishments includes, "He also instigated the Cardinals' change to red pants in 1990."

Opinion: Fined $1,000 for dousing Tim McCarver, Deion Sanders will make that much in roughly 30 seconds of a regular-season game.

Fact: The Vikings' defense has scored more touchdowns (seven) than the Seahawks' offense (five).

Opinion: It can't be pretty to see "Round" John Williams at the end of his 27-minutes a game.

Fact: Reggie White on Brett Favre: "The best young quarterback I've seen."

Opinion: The 1993 baseball season will be uninterrupted by a lockout or strike, as was feared.

Fact: The Miami Hurricanes' current senior class has never lost a home game.

Opinion: Mel Hall's signing a Japanese contract is evidence that such second-tier free agents are terrified that no one will offer them anything.

Fact: Washington football coach Don James suggests paying players $2,000 to compete in a playoff tournament.

Opinion: The next black manager will be Dusty Baker in San Francisco.

Fact: Many Division I-A coaches, upset about the drafting of underclassmen, are refusing to supply NFL scouts with films.

Opinion: Baseball certainly gains credibility giving zillion-time drug loser Steve Howe yet another chance.

Fact: Only eight NBA head coaches did not play in the league (or ABA): Adubato, Chuck Daly, Bob Hill, Randy Pfund, Jimmy Rodgers, Ron Rothstein, Garry St. Jean, Jerry Tarkanian.

Opinion: Gary Clark and Art Monk aren't catching any passes other than those they should catch.

Fact: Frank Thomas led the majors in long ball with an average home run of 405 feet.

Opinion: Local college basketball rankings: Towson, UMBC, Coppin, Morgan, Loyola.

Fact: A wild West Coast rumor has Joe Montana going to the QB-hungry Raiders next year.

Opinion: The best five NBA players you never hear about: Kendall Gill, Derek Harper, Shawn Kemp, Nick Anderson, Billy Owens.

Fact: Attendance dropped for 18 of the 26 major-league baseball teams.

Opinion: Just a hunch, but it can't be much fun to appear in the NFL Injury Report with (neck) after your name.

Fact: In the third set of a match at the Virginia Slims Championship last week, Martina Navratilova put all 38 of her first serves in play.

Opinion: I was going to print the Marlins' probable rotation, but the editors deemed it unsuitable for family viewing.

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