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November 23, 1992

Mount Airy Middle School forms Builders Club

Mount Airy Middle School, 102 Watersville Road, has formed a Builders Club in cooperation with the Mount Airy Kiwanis Club to initiate projects that help the school and community. The club will meet after school throughout the year.

The group's charter night will be at the Dec. 9 Kiwanis meeting.

@4 For further information, you may call: 795-1744.

South Carroll High to publish newspaper

For the first time in two years, South Carroll High School will be circulating its own school newspaper, the Cavalier Courier, written by students for students.

The staff will consist of 11 students and one faculty member. Student staff members are Kathy Marks, Colleen Mitchell, Holly Fitzgerald, Amy Colodonato, Heather Daniel, Julie Manley, Michelle Ingram, Brian Palmer, Becky Fryfogle, Erin Etzler and Lahna Jones.

C7 For any further information, you may call: 795-8500.

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