Name: Iris Crankfield, 16, of HarwoodSchool: Southern High...


November 23, 1992

Name: Iris Crankfield, 16, of Harwood

School: Southern High School

Accomplishments:Iris is an honor student and a standout in Spanish class. She is popular, and her opinions are respected by both the school administration (which uses her as a sounding board for projects involving the student body) and by her fellow students.

Instructors describe her as pleasant, concerned, a good listener, conscientious and someone who has strong opinions.

Iris is the president of SHOP, Students Helping Other People, a fund-raising group that works with the communities of southern Anne Arundel County to collect toys and clothes for the needy in the area.

She also serves as the treasurer of the Foreign Language Club, is a member of Future Teachers of America, is the vice president of the junior class, belongs to the Human Relations Committee, is a staff member of the school's newspaper, The Watchtower, and is an usher at her church, The Miracle Temple in Harwood.

Comment: "I like to help people. I feel all goals can be accomplished, so if I can help someone accomplish theirs, it helps me to accomplish mine. If I can help them, I know I can help me."

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