Rockville man shoots wife, then kills self

November 23, 1992|By Knight-Ridder News Service Staff writer Peter Hermann contributed to this article.

MIAMI -- A Maryland man stalked and ambushed his estranged wife on a Miami International Airport terminal sidewalk yesterday morning, critically wounding her with several shots from a revolver. The man then killed himself with a bullet in his chest.

The couple, whose marriage was disintegrating in a divorce, fell a few feet from each other on a second-level red-tiled sidewalk outside the airport's Concourse E.

Metropolitan Dade County police identified the man last night as Daniel Broche, 52, of Rockville. His estranged wife, who moved from Maryland to Coral Gables, Fla., in July, was identified as Pilar Salgado, 50.

Ms. Salgado was listed in very critical condition in the trauma center at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami last night. A hospital administrator said the woman had been shot three times in head.

The shootings occurred at 8:53 a.m., a time when the airport was not yet particularly busy during one its traditionally hectic times of the year, the pre-Thanksgiving weekend. Only a few travelers were near.

"I was walking along the curb," said eyewitness Clement Brooks, a supervisor for Skycap baggage handlers. "The lady was in front, and the man was walking at a pace like he was trying to catch up with her.

"His jacket comes open, and I heard gunshots," Mr. Brooks said. "The lady took a couple of more steps -- she did not stagger -- and the man came around to her right side and fired again."

"The first shot, I don't know where it went, or what happened," Mr. Brooks said. "But the second one, he was at close range, and she went down.

"He took a couple of steps away from her and looked at her. Then he pointed the gun at her head and fired again," the baggage handler said.

As Mr. Brooks froze near a support column, the gunman backed away from the fallen woman.

"He opened his coat like he was going to put the gun in a holster. I thought he was a hit man," he said. "But what he was doing was turning the gun on himself."

Mr. Brooks said everything happened in 10 seconds or less.

Investigators said the woman was an employee at a haircutting salon inside the terminal. She was on her way to work.

A male companion had just dropped the woman off at the curbside, said a Metropolitan Dade County police spokesman, Detective Juan Del Castillo.

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