U.S. expects to regain lead in semiconductorsThe U.S...


November 23, 1992

U.S. expects to regain lead in semiconductors

The U.S. semiconductor industry, surpassed six years ago by Japanese rivals, is expected to retake the global lead by early next year, industry watchers say.

It would be an astounding feat, the first time a key U.S. industry has regained a dominant market position after being knocked out of first place by Japanese competitors.

"I think 1992 will end in a dead heat between the United States and Japan," said analyst Fred Zieber, president of Pathfinder Research of San Jose, Calif.

"But American firms have obliterated Japan's 13- to 14-point lead that they held just three years ago, and I expect them to surge ahead next year."

Analysts generally predict that U.S. firms will control $25 billion of the $60 billion global semiconductor business within a year -- putting them $1 billion to $2 billion ahead of Japanese firms.

The resurgence of the chip industry was made possible by several things, analysts said, chiefly the industry's dogged pursuit of self-improvement and its ability to summon government help to defend against unfair trade practices.

Advanced Micro Devices to build plant

AUSTIN, Texas -- Advanced Micro Devices Inc. said last week that it plans to build a $700 million semiconductor manufacturing facility here.

The new plant, which will employ up to 1,000 people, will produce the company's next-generation of x86 and RISC microprocessor chips that are used in desktop computers.

It will also make integrated logic chips for applications such as computer networking and multimedia.

The plant is expected to be completed in 1994.

It will have at least 60,000 square feet of dust-free "clean room" space in a 450,000-square-foot building.

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