2 fifth-graders gain honors


November 22, 1992|By DON VITEK

The younger bowlers at Brunswick Normandy are rounding into midseason form.

Two 10-year-olds, Marty DeBolt and Daniel Furlow, were Bowlers of the Week in Division I of the Young American Bowlers Alliance Saturday morning league.

DeBolt took honors for week seven by posting games that put him 56 pins above average. He is in the fifth grade of Waverly Elementary School and lives in Ellicott City.

He started bowling about three years ago and carries a 96 average. He has shot a high game of 153.

"The boys became interested in bowling about three years ago," his mother, Marilyn, said. "Neither Bob nor I bowl, but the boys love the sport."

5 Furlow threw games that totaled 65 pins above average to become Bowler of the Week for week eight of the Saturday morning league. A fifth-grader at Waverly Elementary School, he lives in Ellicott City. Bowling for two years, he has an 81 average.

His sister, Kathleen, is 12 years old and bowls in the YABA Division II at Normandy. Last May, she captured fifth place in the Tournament of Champions at Normandy after a single season in the YABA.

Recovering for average

Fred Conway of Columbia is a bit older than those youth Bowlers of the Week at Normandy.

"I'm 77," Conway said, "And I started bowling when I retired from Mobil Oil Corporation in 1979."

Conway bowls in the senior Club 55 leagues, Tuesday at Columbia and Thursday at Normandy.

"I was averaging about 160," he said. "Then last May I had to have a hip replaced. After the hip replacement my average dropped. Right now it's about 110, and I have to use a 11-pound ball."

Conway is recovering rapidly, and his average is starting to increase. In week seven in Club 55 at Columbia lanes, he shot games that totaled 122 pins above average to become Bowler of the Week.

Beware of the Phantom

Aldo Smith, from Glenelg, won a 16-pound Phantom bowling ball in a summer league at Normandy.

"It's working great," Smith said. "Bowling has always just been a hobby with me. I never thought that I would get even close to a 300 game."

On Nov. 8, in the only league he participates in, the Sunday Young Adults at Normandy, Smith used the Phantom ball. His first game was a 246. The last game was a 182, but in between was a 299. That game was 35 pins higher than his previous high, and with the other two scores gave him a 727 series.

Smith carries a 186 average.

Brunswick Columbia events

Brunswick Columbia's Moonlite Bowl, presented by Coors Extra Gold Draft, takes place at midnight on Fridays. It's $2 per game, and each bowler has a chance to win a jackpot, currently $609. See the control desk for details.

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