Name: Kimberly A. Stafford of LinthicumActivities/hobbies...


November 22, 1992

Name: Kimberly A. Stafford of Linthicum

Activities/hobbies: A new member of the Anne Arundel County Commission on the Status of Women, which advises the County Executive on issues such as promoting equal rights for women and eliminating discrimination in both the public and private sectors.

Ms. Stafford works for the law firm of D'Alesandro, Miliman, and Yermin in Baltimore. Before working in the private sector, she was a member of the State's Attorney's Office in Anne Arundel County. She is a qualified paralegal and a former licensed private investigator for Unitech and Associates in Baltimore.

Organization's comments: Dr. Elaine Rubenstein, commission chairwoman, said, "We were very favorably impressed with her when she was interviewed and with her commitment to work for the community."

Volunteer's comments: "I believe the commission is of great importance, especially now, with all the women running for office across the country. It is, after all, the 'Year of the Woman,' and women's issues have become very important.

"I like being able to volunteer to address these issues because, even though I'm young, I feel this will make a difference in the future to me and my children. Anyway, it's better than just sitting around and talking about things. It's better to be involved."

To get a nomination form, call 315-8930 or 1-800-829-8000, Ext. ,, 8930, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Please fax nominations to 315-8916 or mail them to: The Anne Arundel County Sun, Volunteer Spotlight, 8131 Ritchie Highway, Suite 2A, Pasadena, Md. 21122.

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