25 Years Ago:* The Carroll Soil Conservation District was...


November 22, 1992|By Compiled from the archives of the Historical Society of Carroll County.

25 Years Ago:

* The Carroll Soil Conservation District was recognized as the outstanding district in the state of Maryland. Randall Spoerlein, New Windsor, who has served as chairman of the district since it was organized, received a plaque on behalf of the Carroll District. It was noted that the Carroll District won this same award in 1956-57.

Democratic Advocate,Nov. 2, 1967.

75 Years Ago:

* Union Bridge -- The square in this place resembled an agricultural implement exhibit Thursday morning. "Where there is union there is strength" was fully exemplified when it is considered that the heavy wagons, manure spreaders, steel rollers, etc., were all brought up sharp grades. Nothing appears PTC to have been broken, yet the owners were at some expense in removing the various machinery. It would appear that this surplus energy could be restrained if your America could be induced to take a little exercise on someone's woodpile occasionally.

Union Bridge Pilot,

Nov. 2, 1917.

100 Years Ago:

* A Stirring Revival -- Rev. William H. Lane, pastor of Deer Park Methodist Church, writes as follows, "The great revival at my church still continues. The noted evangelist and solo singer, Rev. W.J. Shipway, is conducting quite a large revival at this place. On Friday night, there were 9 penitents, on Sunday night 12, and the church was crowded to excess. The meetings are full of life and power."

American Sentinel,

Oct. 29, 1892.

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