In the dark tunnels beneath city streets


November 22, 1992|By EDWIN REMSBERG

Down. Hand over hand, descending by the metal rungs studdin the manhole wall . . .Down.

Dare to go down.

Undeterred by places dark and dank, by mud and rodents and insects, and by the unknown, photographer Edwin Remsberg explored the landscape beneath our streets for a month.

He was captivated, he says, by the promise of sights unfamiliar to all who spend the waking hours topside.

So he donned a mask to hike in the city storm drain, where oxygen can be scarce. He rode on the nose of a locomotive as it lumbered through the Howard Street Tunnel. He joined a laborer in the black depths of the Baltimore & Potomac railroad tunnel. The photographs he came away with take us into the world of the laborers and other workers who routinely go below.

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