Powelson gets kicks in coaching

November 19, 1992|By Jeff Seidel | Jeff Seidel,Contributing Writer

North Carroll boys soccer coach Ed Powelson loves his job. That's not unusual.

What might be unusual is that he feels that way after 32 years.

Powelson played soccer at Fairmont (W.Va.) State College. When he began his teaching career, he turned to coaching.

He enjoyed it right away, and that feeling has remained. And, as long as that feeling stays, so will he.

"The bottom line is I enjoy coaching. I enjoy the kids," said Powelson, whose daughter, Denean, guides the North Carroll field hockey team. "I've still got the spark, the fight and desire in me. When I lose that, I know it's time to get out."

Others in the county probably wish he never got in. Powelson's Panthers have won 23 county titles and four regional championships, advancing to the state's final four each time. Powelson, the athletic director, also has coached basketball and track and field; now, he only runs soccer and boys freshman basketball.

North Carroll has struggled, however, in recent years.

"I enjoy every one of [the wins]," said Powelson. "The losses stay with you. . . . The victories are forgotten almost as soon as the game [ends]."

Charlie Hook, the North Carroll junior varsity coach alongside Powelson for 26 consecutive years, confirms that the coach enjoys his job.

"He likes it more than the kids," said Hook, a close friend of Powelson's. "We probably talk about it every night of the year."

Powelson said he enjoys the psychology of coaching, getting a group of kids together and showing them how to work as one for a common goal.

With the program going through hard times, many former North Carroll players have asked the coach how they can help.

"When these people who played for you come back and see that you're struggling and they want to help you out, that's an awfully good feeling," said Powelson.

Gee Hibberd has seen North Carroll throughout much of the Powelson era. He faced Powelson's teams on the field and the coach himself on the sideline.

Hibberd played against North Carroll when he was on the Francis Scott Key varsity squads in 1963 and 1964. Now, as the Eagles' coach, he said little has changed at North Carroll.

"I just remember how tough and hard-nosed his teams were," said Hibberd. "The year after year of winning programs . . . the tradition helps you win."

North Carroll has beaten Francis Scott Key each of the 11 years Hibberd has guided the Eagles. Hibberd said, with a laugh, that he hopes Powelson hangs around long enough for Key to beat North Carroll.

Powelson seems to have every intention of hanging around.

Hook said: "He can get so much out of the kids because he's so full of energy. A little bit of that rubs off on you."

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