Orioles lose two first-class veterans, but you can't blame that on the draft

John Steadman

November 18, 1992|By John Steadman

NOTEworthy Day:

Changing of the guard continues for the Orioles with the departure of Bob Brown as director of publications (he'll continue to edit the Oriole Gazette with a high degree of professionalism) and Ken Nigro as director of special projects. Nigro will remain in charge of the midwinter fantasy camp and the team's promotional cruises. Had they been placed in the expansion draft, both would have represented first-round choices.

* If you're interested, the football referee who made the appropriate but unusual call that extended the Towson State-Northeastern game to one more play, which was decisive, was Robert Lynch of Ridgewood, N.J. . . . No man has done more for sports in Baltimore than Zanvyl Krieger, once an owner of the Colts, Orioles and Clippers and helpful in the building of Towson Golf and Country Club, but more important his philanthropic work at the Krieger-Kennedy Institute transcends the fun and games.

* Coming up on the 50th anniversary of the famous Holy Cross upset of Boston College, 55-12, in 1942, it's significant to realize BC was intercepted six times and lost four fumbles. . . . Friends of Leroy Merritt, a great benefactor of sports at Western Maryland College, are rooting hard for his business empire to get past the recession crisis. . . . Larry Hargrove, former Evening Sun sportswriter who now writes a Sunday column for the Hanover (Pa.) Sun and does a radio sports show with Pat Case, is in the Greater Baltimore Medical Center for a diabetic condition.

* Orioles GM Roland Hemond says his respected counterpart with the Toronto Blue Jays, Pat Gillick, gathers information like a sponge and remembers it all, which is "why I'm careful what I want him to know." . . . Superb performances as masters of ceremonies: Vince Bagli at the Advertising Club's salute to Buzz McCormick yesterday and Walter "Bud" Freeman at the Advocate Club's testimonial to Sam Lacy.

* The new clubhouse at Rolling Road is so elegant, plus offering a panorama of downtown Baltimore from the dining room, it was selected for the Middle Atlantic PGA ceremony honoring new hall of famers Andy Gibson, Carl Rasnic and the late Johnny Bass, Teacher of the Year Bill Strausbaugh and golf writer George Taylor, formerly of The News American and The Evening Sun.

* Here's an endorsement of the major leagues' voting to remain in San Francisco, a city with a storied baseball tradition, that Tampa/St. Petersburg can't match. . . . Baltimore native Dave Dolch, football coach at Morningside, finished his fourth season with a record of 5-5-1. . . . With his eternal optimism and gadget plays, Maryland's Mark Duffner reminds us of one of his coaching predecessors, Tom Nugent, except he's not as imaginative and didn't invent the I formation.

* Washington radio station WTOP is back to calling them the Redskins, which means it has rejected the plea of native Americans to refrain from offensive nicknames. . . . Has any name in golf been more important than Jones? There was Bobby the player, Robert Trent the architect and Ernest the teacher. . . . You have to wonder how high the scoring records of Loyola College's Jim Lacy would have climbed had there been a three-point basket during his career. . . . Word is that baseball Hall of Famer Roy Campanella, who just celebrated his 71st birthday, is having serious health problems, compounded by the fact he has been confined to a wheelchair the last 34 years.

* Sports Illustrated's choice of Cal Ripken over Honus Wagner at shortstop on its all-time team makes the entire project a joke. . . . Worst guess the Orioles ever made in an expansion draft was protecting pitcher Arne Thorsland instead of Dean Chance, who went to the Los Angeles Angels and later won the Cy Young Award.

* Why can't football coaches refer to their teams as just that -- teams -- rather than the annoying redundancy of, "Our football team played an outstanding football game against another good football team and we really threw the football well"? . . . State comptroller Louis L. Goldstein was a teammate of future major-league standout Bill "Swish" Nicholson when they were on the Washington College baseball varsity in 1935.

* Latest edition of Baseball Digest offers a story on Cletus Ellwood "Boots" Poffenberger, the pride of Williamsport, Md., who is called "The Last of the Great Baseball Characters". . . . Dave Humphrey, one of the smooth voices of Baltimore radio and a superb gentleman, is hoping to make a connection with a Baltimore sports enterprise or a broadcasting outlet in the area. . . . Western Maryland College added Odd Haugen, Sherry Fischer Manning, Gary Scholl, Arthur "Otts" Broll, Don Honeman and Harry Bush to its sports hall of fame.

* You're getting to be a young old-timer if you remember when Rock Hill College of Ellicott City had a football team.

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