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November 18, 1992|By Anne Haddad | Anne Haddad,Staff Writer

Bids to renovate and expand Mechanicsville Elementary School have come in about $640,000 above what was budgeted, prompting the school system to ask the Carroll County commissioners to cover most of the difference.

Other savings will come from deleting items, getting some state aid and moving money from other accounts.

So that it could free money for Mechanicsville, the Board of Education voted Monday to ask the county commissioners to commit $482,000 by July 1 for an account to plan the still unbuilt Oklahoma Road Middle School.

That much money is in the account now but won't be used before next summer, said Vernon Smith, director of school support services.

The board voted unanimously to transfer that money into the Mechanicsville project and restore the Oklahoma Road money by July, when the new fiscal year starts.

The commissioners must also approve that transfer before it can be made.

In addition, the school board approved using $40,000 from an account set aside to put rooftop heating and air-conditioning units on the Eldersburg Elementary School, and $61,000 from the food service account for the kitchen.

Mr. Smith had proposed that the board consider deleting a number of items to save money. Although board members agreed to delete the $15,000 for a storage shed and $5,300 for window blinds (to be added later), they did not want to do without a bus canopy, terrazzo tile instead of vinyl, and glazed tile along the hallways instead of painted concrete.

Board President Cheryl McFalls said the glazed tile on the walls would better mask the handprints that inevitably end up on the painted concrete at other schools.

The state will pay 65 percent of the cost of those items.

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