His love note lost, man sues florist for 'loss of inspiration'

November 18, 1992|By Los Angeles Daily News

LOS ANGELES -- Claiming the loss of inspiration, a lawyer is suing a flower shop he claims misplaced a love note he wrote to his wife and botched the delivery of a $114 bouquet ordered to celebrate the birth of their daughter.

In an effort to settle the case, the owners of the Hopeless Romantics floral shop in suburban Tarzana have offered the lawyer and his wife a $300 dinner at the L'Escoffier restaurant in nearby Beverly Hills.

But attorney Jay Rothman of suburban Sherman Oaks said yesterday that the dinner and the apology offered by florists Nathan and Stella Dorfman can't make up for the loss of the note he wrote to his wife, Tarri, after their daughter, Lacey, was born on Feb. 13, 1991.

"Those thoughts are lost," he said during an interview. "I can't recapture that. I'm a hard-nosed, aggressive, plaintiff's attorney. It's one of the only times in my life that I was really inspired.

"It's not the money, it's the principle," he said of the lawsuit. "These florists have a responsibility."

The Dorfmans could not be reached yesterday. But their attorney, Robert A. Bolton, said he expects Mr. Rothman to reject the dinner offer and the case to go to trial.

"Jay seems to think he is entitled to a pile of hard cash out of this," Mr. Bolton said. "It was a mistake -- just a mistake."

In his suit filed in suburban Van Nuys Superior Court, Mr. Rothman is seeking unspecified damages for infliction of emotional distress, fraud and breach of contract. He also has asked the court to award damages for "loss of inspiration."

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