Ago in this space we anticipated the Oct. 1...


November 17, 1992

SEVERAL WEEKS ago in this space we anticipated the Oct. 1 awarding of the 1992 Ig Nobel Prizes, sponsored (with tongues firmly in cheek) by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Museum and the Journal of Irreproducible Results. Readers, we thought, might be interested in some of the winners:

* Economics. The investors of Lloyds of London, "heirs to 300 years of dull prudent management, for their bold attempt to insure disaster by refusing to pay for their company's losses."

* Biology. Dr. Cecil Jacobson, "relentlessly generous sperm donor, and prolific patriarch of sperm banking, for devising a simple method of quality control. (Dr. Jacobson could not be present at the ceremony, as he had a previous 15- to 20-year engagement.)"

* Chemistry. Ivette Bassa, "constructor of colorful colloids, for her role in the crowning achievement of 20th century chemistry, the synthesis of bright blue Jell-O."

* Peace. Daryl Gates, "former police chief of the City of Los Angeles, for his uniquely compelling methods of bringing people together. (Accepting on behalf of Mr. Gates: Stan Goldberg of Crimson Tech Camera Store, who said that Chief Gates "has shown the world how a good quality video camera can capture the memories of a generation.")

* Nutrition. The utilizers of Spam, "courageous consumers of canned comestibles, for 54 years of undiscriminating digestion."

* Literature. Yuri Struchkov, "unstoppable author from the Institute of Organoelemental Compounds in Moscow, for the 948 scientific papers he published between the years 1981 and 1990, averaging more than one every 3.9 days."

* Medicine. F. Kanda, E. Yagi, M. Fukuda, K. Nakajima, T. Ohta and O. Nakata of the Shisedo Research Center in Yokohama, "for their pioneering research study 'Elucidation of Chemical Compounds Responsible for Foot Malodour,' especially for their conclusion that people who think they have foot odor do, and those who don't, don't."

Some 800 people, including several real-live Nobel laureates, attended the awards ceremony at MIT.

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