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November 16, 1992

Sand-gravel operator appeals restrictions on expansion

The owner of a sand and gravel operation near Crofton is appealing a county decision that restricts expansion on the 184-acre site.

The Board of Appeals has scheduled a public hearing for Wednesday, Dec. 9, in the County Council chambers at the Arundel Center in Annapolis.

The owners of Cunningham Sand and Gravel, located near the intersection of routes 3 and 424, already have received conditional approval to expand the existing operation on the site.

But an administrative hearing officer, while allowing a rubble landfill on part of the land, did not grant approval to operate a sand and gravel operation there.

The landfill owners also want to erect less fencing than is required by law and are appealing the hearing's officer's denial of that request.

West Meade launches Mentorship program

West Meade Elementary School recently kicked off the year's Mentorship program with a special breakfast, bringing together families, teachers and volunteers.

Adult mentors act as support for their students, getting to know their interests, strengths and helping them capitalize on their positive attributes. Mentors attempt to instill a sense of respect, reverence and responsibility in their charges.

Forty-six students are enrolled in the program.

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