Policy FailureAn Oct. 24 article in The Sun stated that...


November 16, 1992

Policy Failure

An Oct. 24 article in The Sun stated that Omni House had been cleared of any illegal charges by the state in spite of the fact that in two month's time one patient held 11 people hostage and another was charged with sexual assault on a child.

As long as it is the policy of the state mental health hierarchy to put dangerously mentally ill patients in community-based facilities which are incapable of handling them, neither the patient nor the community will be safe.

The violent actions of a few psychotic patients will continue to stigmatize by association the vast majority of mentally ill who are harmless.

This problem will not go away until the state makes a plan for dealing with the dangerous psychotically ill patient.

Such a plan would provide for less stringent commitment laws and available long time care for them.

Frances M. Froeliche


Animal Rights

In his Nov. 8 letter, John Woodfield of Forest Hill called hunting ". . . an excuse for killing" and expressed his fringe element sentiments.

As an American who proudly maintains his heritage through hunting and firearms ownership, I speak for Americans who see hunting as more than "blood lust". Mr. Woodfield's knee-jerk reaction to the moose hunting article shows he failed to consider what the harvesting of wild game really is.

Yes, it is sport, but it is much more. He is dead wrong in saying it does not put needed food on the table. Unfortunately, for some it is a supplemental source of food in these tough times.

Also, since many wild animals have adapted and now thrive in suburban settings, it is a method to remove dangerous or disease-bearing animals.

The whitetail deer population is the major carrier of deer ticks, which transmit the painful and sometimes fatal Lyme disease.

Deer have no natural predators left in most of the country, so hunting culls the herds, preventing disease in humans and winter starvation of the animals.

The formerly protected Maine moose population has caused multiple traffic fatalities. When a vehicle meets an animal that is over six feet tall and weighs one-half ton, carnage results, and human life is very often lost.

Of course, the twisted animal rights activists probably applaud the human death and mourn the animal's loss.

James McLeod


Biased Paper

Now that the election season is over, I cannot help but comment on the biased journalism to which I have been exposed in your paper.

It was very clear which candidate for president was preferred by your staff, and it has been almost comical to follow the blatant expression of this on your front pages.

Understand that I believe in the importance of editorial comments by newspapers and I enjoy reading them on the editorial pages. The rest of your paper should be devoted to unbiased reporting, and it has not been.

Note the front page of the Nov. 1 paper. Bill Clinton is holding a baby with crowds reaching toward him in a frenzy; Ross Perot is posing with a teen wearing "Perot ears" with a laughing crowd behind him, and your whipping boy, the president, is alone with his wife, speaking to apparently no one but a child grimacing and holding her hands over her ears. . .

I respect your distaste for the president (I didn't vote for him, either). I also understand that as the only paper in town, you have little fear of people changing to another source for their print news. But I feel that you have a responsibility to stick to the facts and should leave the propaganda to the campaign managers.

Keep your biases on the editorial page or join the campaign team. Let us interpret unbiased reporting for ourselves.

William Cook IV


Share the Pain

While the poor and working class have made many sacrifices during Maryland's budget crisis, I have not read in the papers nor seen on TV any information about what sacrifices our legislators have made.

Are the state senators and delegates giving back any of their pay? Have there been any layoffs in their offices? Have there been any cuts in their budgets?

Is everyone sharing in this crisis or just people on the lower economic scale?

Judy Berlin


Out of Touch

I thought only President Bush and Vice President Quayle were out of touch with the reality of daily life in the United States. Now I learn The Sun may be even more out of touch than top-level Republicans. Quite a feat!

I am referring to your Nov. 10 front-page article "2,500 Bush appointees suddenly must find another job." In it, we read the sad stories of government employees who may soon be unemployed because of the change in administrations.

One story is of a woman now earning $67,000 a year. She and her husband (also a Bush appointee who I presume makes as much or more than she) together face the horrifying prospect of letting the housekeeper or the nanny go!

This country is in a recession that has increased homelessness on our streets and the number of children living below the poverty level.

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