Tournaments bring out the best in competitors


November 15, 1992|By DON VITEK

Tournament play is alive and well in Howard County. The National Amateur Bowlers Inc. and the Election Day Junior 8-No Tap took place at Brunswick Normandy and Brunswick Columbia, respectively.

The NABI tournament at Normandy Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 drew 157 entries and paid out about $3,800. The Election Day Junior tournament was Nov. 3 in Columbia.

Joe Doctor, director of the NABI tournament, said, "Bowling is a sport that brings together people from all walks of life, and everyone, anyone, can bowl. Look at this tournament. Bowlers from as far away as Frederick and Charles County participated. We had a father and a son fighting it out for the top prize in the finals."

The finalists were:

* Ron Workman, Waldorf, who won the guaranteed first prize of $1,000.

* James Doyle Sr., Catonsville, second, $500.

* Eric Elliott, Hyattsville, third, $250.

* Wayne Olher, Frederick, fourth, $125.

* Doug Doyle (son of James Doyle Sr.), $112.

Jim Doyle and his son, Doug, haven't been bowling tenpins for long. Jim started about four years ago and Doug has been bowling for less than a year.

They bowl three nights a week, Monday at Kings Point, Wednesday Mixed League and Friday Friendship at Brunswick Normandy.

Jim carries a 175 average with a high game of 277 and a high series of 669.

Doug, averaging 155, has a high game of 278 and a high series of 700-plus, nice figures for a guy who started bowling 10 months ago.

"I won the NABI tournament at Brunswick Normandy in May," Doug said, "The NABI tournament gives everyone a chance to compete and a chance to win."

The youth bowlers at Columbia competed in four divisions (Bantams, Preps, Junior Varsity and Varsity) in the Election Day No Tap tournament.

* Eain Snyder, 8, threw games of 139, 173 and 104 to capture first place in the Bantam division.

* Brandon Fox, 10, put together games of 257, 190 and 127 for first place in the Prep division.

* Mike Gillis, 12, won the Junior Varsity division with games of 122, 137 and 154.

* Mike Burman, 14, had scores of 182, 300 and 265; that's a 747 set and that won the Varsity division.

dTC "Mike [Burman] was very close to having two 300 games," said Barbara Deming, coordinator at Columbia Lanes. "That 265 could have been another 300, easy."

Mike Gillis lives in Columbia and is in the ninth grade at Oakland Mills High. He averages about 100 in league play.

"This is the first season of bowling for both of us," said his father, Joe. "I thought it would be nice if Mike and I could spend some time together, and bowling in the Sunday evening adult/youth league at Columbia fills the bill. Age doesn't matter when you're bowling, and with handicaps everyone is competing equally."

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